Genuine Rudraksha Bead The Right Ones Is A Valuable Sign Of Quality And Price

A false Rudraksha bead is as much of a threat to your health as any other item. It may be poisoning you with toxins as it is rather hard to find a genuine Rudraksha bead. But if you want to protect yourself, it would be well worth your while.

Rattan rugs have a long history and are used today by the affluent middle class as well as by those who live in the countryside for the sole purpose of protecting their property. Some may argue that this does not sound very serious, but is there any way to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake Rudraksha bead? Well, I shall give you my opinion and advice.

There are several marks to look out for when you are buying a Rudraksha bead. One of these is the style. These beads are generally known to have a special colored thread, and are often shaped like triangles, diamonds, hearts. Do not go for any one with a small heart shape unless you know that it is a genuine Rudraksha bead.

If you do buy a genuine bead, make sure you buy a good quality one. Find out what the color is too. In general, you can buy beads that are the same color as the thread. Be aware that you may end up getting duped by some fake ones which are colored so that they match the color of the thread.

Another thing you need to look out for is the quality of the genuine Rudraksha beads. So make sure that they have a good quality thread. However, it would be a mistake to purchase a bad quality bead simply because you cannot be sure about the size. The authentic beads are sized differently and this means that the size of the bead that you get may not fit into the required area on your rug.

The more important thing that you should keep in mind is that the Rudraksha beads that you buy should not have any marks or defects in them. You should also ensure that they are made by genuine manufacturers. There are some manufactures out there who are only after making big profits from the sale of authentic Rudraksha beads.

When buying a genuine Rudraksha bead, you need to ensure that the company selling it has been in business for many years. This will show that the manufacturer is very experienced and confident in his business. The ‘Made in India’ tag will also help you to find the genuine beads.

Another point to consider when best place to buy in India a Rudraksha bead is the cost. It is also not advisable to buy cheap beads. It is always recommended that you buy beads which are slightly expensive than others so that you do not end up buying fake beads. Remember, a fake Rudraksha bead is just as harmful as a genuine one.

Also bear in mind that the beads are classified into two groups, synthetic and natural. Natural ones are usually made of brass, silver, and gold. Synthetic ones are usually made of plastic and are generally found in pieces.

The genuine Rudraksha beads are generally the synthetic ones. In general, the better-quality beads are priced slightly higher than the cheap ones. The reason for this is that they are more durable and last longer.

So if you are thinking of buying a genuine Rudraksha bead, make sure that you spend some time searching for the correct brand and that you buy from a genuine dealer. You will be happy you did.